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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Allan!!!

Today is Allan's 27th Birthday and to celebrate we are going to lunch at Smokehouse at Bridge Street. I'd love to say that this year I used restraint and didn't give Allan all his presents ahead of time but that's not the case. Allan's been needing new soccer cleats (I just won't have him running around with tape on his shoes and his feet about to pop out) since he's had one pair since living in Spain and the other for maybe longer than that.
These are the new Kelme soccer cleats that we found online that will work for wet and dry fields. Right now Allan has a pair for each. Didn't really intend for this to be a birthday present but they arrived yesterday so I think we can count it!

I also found a Barcelona soccer t-shirt that I gave Allan over the weekend just in time for the game last Saturday where Allan sat yelling at the computer. Apparently 1-1 was not how this one should have ended...

A couple of months ago Allan got what I was intending to be his birthday present which is a white Under Armour Auburn Football polo that he can wear to work. I'm pretty sure he's only worn it once or twice but I know it will make its way into his work attire the closer we get to football season.

For Allan to only be 27 I feel like he has already had so many wonderful adventures in life having lived in another country for two years, played so many sports on different levels, graduated from Auburn, working in a job he loves, and I like to think being married to me is pretty exciting too. I know he feels blessed to have a wonderful family and so many friends spread out all over the world.

Here's to another 27 years only gets better from here!!! I love you!!!

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