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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Brief Update

No phone service here but if I get up in the middle of the night there's one bar of 3G service so I can get online on my phone.

There's so much devastation that isn't being showed on the news. DH's mom thought he went to work today. No clue that no one in the county has power and nearly everything is closed. There are three areas where there's major devastation in the Harvest area (which is walking distance from here) and volunteer efforts were organized today to help people sort through debris, haul limbs and pieces of their houses to designated areas, and any other assistance they need. DH and I will be volunteering in any way possible until he goes back to work.

My parents hauled a generator here with food, ice, water, and gas yesterday. We are able to keep four families frozen food in our neighbor's freezer and have been eating together as a neighborhood since lunch on Thursday.

We did hear on our local channel tonight that they are now calling for blood donors so that's one way people can help who aren't able to donate to relief efforts or get out and volunteer with the cleanup and rebuilding.

On a happy note, we were able to coordinate running the generator to the freezer during the royal wedding. For at least a couple of hours it felt like everything was normal again.

Thoughts and prayers to all of those who have friends and family who have lost loved ones or their homes. I pray this gives us all an opportunity to reflect on what's truly important and to realize how blessed we are.

Have a great day! Hopefully I can check in during the night tomorrow!

I'm going to try to journal today so I'll have a big blog post later with more details and hopefully pictures.

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