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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend of Family Fun

On Friday Allan and I made the 90 minute trip south to Hoover to spend the weekend with his mom, two brothers, their wives, and our nieces. A few hours later Austin, Krista, and Brooklyn arrived from North Carolina. Brooklyn was supposed to go back to sleep but decided that wasn't what she wanted to do. Too many fun people to play with and that white thing (the dog) was still here from last time. Allan played with her on the floor for awhile until she got sleepy again and was ready to go to bed.

Allan playing with Brooklyn and the dog

Saturday morning was filled with Mommy Westenhofer (or Mimi as the granddaughters will be calling her) making waffles. Allan even held Brooklyn while Austin was eating and Krista was getting ready.

Allan holding Brooklyn at the table

We had a fun-filled day on Saturday with all nine of us getting to spend a few hours together in the morning and then all evening. I'm so lucky to have three sisters now and two beautiful little nieces!

Jodi holding Brooklyn and Krista holding Ali (Brooklyn is Austin and Krista's daughter and Ali is Adam and Jodi's daughter)

Margie treated all of us to dinner at Iguana Grill where Austin and Allan split this giant stone pot of meat. It had two steaks, two pork chops, cactus, jalapenos, onion, and other stuff. It came with two plates of beans and rice and 8 taco shells. No surprise, Austin and Allan ate all of it. Meanwhile I enjoyed my usual soft tacos.

The stone pot of meat, cactus, onion, and jalapenos (the green triangle looking thing is cactus)

Reference to show how big the stone pot is and how much came with it

Within 30 minutes of arriving home we were in need of chocolate, ice cream, and soft drinks so off we went to Bruno's. A pan of brownies, 3 cartons of ice cream, 3 bags of chocolate, and Hershey's syrup were combined to make some interesting desserts. I felt that surely mixed with the Mexican food would be a disaster for someone but luckily no one got "poopy sick" (a term I came up with years ago as a nicer way of saying diarrhea) and everyone went to bed happy.

On Sunday morning we got ready to go to church for Ali's blessing and while Austin and Krista were getting ready Allan and I were watching Brooklyn and took a few pictures.

Allan and Brooklyn

Suzanne and Brooklyn

After church we said goodbye to Adam, Jodi, and Ali and came home to get ready to leave. We loaded up Austin, Krista, and Brooklyn's stuff and said goodbye to them. Then Allan and I had to get ready to leave so I could drop him off at the airport. He's going to be in CA all week for a conference. Then it was just me headed back home to the dogs who were excited to see me. Lucky was crying as soon as I got out of the car and when I opened the garage to let them out (big thank you to RJ for taking care of them while we were gone) I discovered not everyone made it through the weekend without getting "poopy sick". Poor Lucky!

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  1. What a great weekend!! I love all the photos--and Iʻm so glad you take pictures of food too;) Hoping Lucky is feeling better...probably not the BEST thing to discover upon coming home!! Safe travels to Allan--Miss you both!


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