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Monday, March 21, 2011

Soccer Season is Here!

Allan's spring soccer season has started again. They had a really close game but lost 3-2. Unfortunately one of Allan's team members got hurt so we were off to the ER after the game. It could be his ACL. We are waiting to hear how he is today. Last year this same team had a guy that scored 5 goals and they kept him from scoring at all yesterday so I would say there's been some great improvements since the fall season.

Allan playing forward in yesterday's game

Allan had just passed the ball

The last time they played each other
Allan showing his foot skills

The Team

I've never played soccer aside from our Team Mad Cow Disease days where we played co-ed intramural soccer so I've learned a lot in the past year since they play February-May and then August-November. I have lots of chances to go to games and learn more about soccer.

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