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Monday, March 14, 2011

Red, White, and Blue

I thought about saving this post for a holiday honoring those in the military but Allan and I believe we should be mindful each and every day of the sacrifices made by our friends and family serving our country. We are blessed to have been raised with a reverence for our armed forces and those who serve.


My best friend enlisted in the Air Force our freshman year of college and from that point forward I make an effort to thank those in uniform or those retired from the military for their service. I admire the willingness they have to often put country before self, family, and friends. My only sister is an Air Force wife and while we are lucky that she and her husband only live 3 hours away, we are all aware that in a few months that could change as he completes pilot training and receives his assignment (fingers are crossed for a fighter). They could be packing up and moving to another base to start over making new friends and preparing themselves for their next chapter in the Air Force. My best friend is on his second deployment with the first one ending just before my wedding and this second one starting just days after his own wedding. I am encouraged by his upbeat, positive attitude toward every situation often finding a silver lining that many would miss. His wife and her unyielding support during what I can only imagine is a rough time for her is an inspiration to me to be a better wife. Allan and I are blessed to have her as a close friend.

My best friend is the one kneeling

There are many other people in our life who have served or are serving our country and please do not mistake our lack of mention of you specifically with a lack of gratitude. I don't know what it's like to send your husband or wife on deployment and I'm sure neither Allan or I will ever experience that moment. To all those serving in the military and their spouses you have our respect and gratitude.

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