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Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to our Moms!

Allan and I are fortunate that our mother's birthdays are March 19 and March 20. This year we are celebrating by taking my mom (Annette) to Cracker Barrel in the morning on her birthday and then tomorrow afternoon my sister will drop me off in Birmingham and we will get to celebrate Allan's mom's (Margie) birthday by cooking out with Adam, Jodi, and Ali.

Margie and I-Thanksgiving 2010

Allan and Margie-Wedding Novemeber 2009

All the parents-Allan's Graduation December 2009

Rachel, Annette, Bill, and Ace-Charleston June 2010

Annette before Rachel's wedding-August 2009
This year as we celebrate their birthdays we hope they both know how much we love them. We are grateful for such a positive influence the two of them have had in our lives and for the hand they have in shaping into the people we are today. Neither of us could ever express enough gratitude for the sacrifices they each made for us and if I am half the mother that either of them have been to us our future children will be so lucky.

Happy birthday Mommy Westenhofer and Momma! We love you both!

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