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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fantasy Baseball, Great Deals, Bad Keys, and Knife Throwing

Well, we did our fantasy baseball draft tonight and while people we on auto draft Allan and I were not. My only concern was picking Josh Hamilton first. Then I thought about Chipper Jones and had to get him on my team too. From that point on my picking strategy was based on the small picture of their face that I could see and whether or not I thought they were cute. Allan was a lot more serious about his team (Fantasy Fielders) than I was about mine (Moooove Over Boys). This means Allan and all the other guys that picked based on how good everyone is supposed to be will probably beat me.

On a more exciting note, I got a year subscription to Cosmopolitan for crazy cheap. If you want a year subscription for $8 follow the link:

On an unhappy note, I had to drive Allan's car today with the key that is mostly stripped and only works sometimes. When I got ready to come back home it decided not to work and I had to wait for Allan to bring the other key. Meanwhile the seven year old that I keep in the afternoons came outside and wanted an explanation of what was wrong with the key, why it didn't work, if Allan could fix it, how long would it take Allan to get there, did he have Sasha with them, and did I want to play football. That's pretty much one complete thought for him and it all spills out in a series of questions and statements and I can't help but smile. When I got home and went into the backyard to play with the dogs I noticed the loud sounds coming from our neighbors and a few minutes later a knife sails over the fence plunging into the ground. Three teenage boys pop up on top of the fence and ask if I could pass it back to them. This happened again before I took the dogs into the garage safe from flying knives. When I told Allan about it you would think that the worst case scenario (one of the dogs getting stabbed) had actually happened. He couldn't understand why I gave them the knives back and why I didn't yell at them. After dealing with other people's issues for two years at the bank and being yelled at for anything and everything I will not be handling neighbor relations. That's Allan's job.

Long story short, it's been quite a Thursday!

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