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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Day in the Life of Us

Today I feel like having some fun so I'm going to walk you guys through a typical day for Allan and a typical day for me.

7:30-8:00-wake up and get ready for work
8:15-eat breakfast and watch Sportscenter
8:30-8:45-leave for work
9:00-5:00 or later-at work (15 min lunch is squeezed in there somewhere)
5:15-6:15-workout (they have a gym at work so he works out there 3-4 nights a week)
6:30-6:45-run at the community center
7:00-8:00-wind down, eat dinner, watch tv, play video games
8:00-11:00-shower, watch a movie or tv while looking at other things for work, possibly more video games
11:00 or later (usually later)-go to sleep

7:45-8:30-wake up and check my words with friends, facebook, email, and the database for work
8:30-9:00-hang out with Allan before he leaves, possibly eat breakfast together, start the coffee
9:00-9:30-eat breakfast if I haven't done so already and be sure the dogs have been fed
9:30-2:15-work on audits if there are any to do for the day, laundry, house cleaning, errands, treadmill time, catch up on tv shows online, play outside with the dogs
2:15-leave to take care of the 7-year old I watch in the afternoons
5:00-return home
5:00-6:00-eat dinner and possibly watch family feud (two episodes come on in a row!)
6:00-7:00-play with the dogs, work on audits from the afternoon if I need to
7:00-10:00-some nights I have shows to watch during these hours, other nights we may watch a movie, on Tuesdays I go to the $1 theatre with friends
10:00-10:15-get ready for bed and put the dogs in their night-night room (laundry room)
10:15-10:30-I'm normally in bed by this time or earlier

For the most part we live our own lives with a few hours here and there at nights where we spend time together. We cook dinner together on nights when Allan gets off work early and works out or on the nights where he doesn't feel like working out. Lately Allan's been a little gym rat and he's gone 8-7 which I don't mind at all. It's nice having a husband who likes to stay in shape so I don't have to give him a hard time for running slow during his soccer games!

We only really have one show that we both love to watch and that's Castle. We both highly recommend that you watch it. If you've never seen an episode give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Allan's other show that he looks forward to is Archer on Thursday nights at 9. On Thursdays, I watch Vampire Diaries, Bones or Grey's (normally Grey's and I'll watch Bones online later), and Private Practice. Tuesday nights I love One Tree Hill and Biggest Loser but I'm normally at the movies on Tuesdays so I end up watching Biggest Loser on Wednesday mornings and catching One Tree Hill online later in the week. Sunday nights used to be Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters but fantasy football caused me to miss all the fall episodes so I'm really behind and have only seen one episode this spring. Now that Army Wives has started back on Sunday nights I make time to watch that. It's one that I always look forward to. Allan likes watching Attack of the Show on G4 which comes on every night so don't think I'm the only one watching tv in this house!

I hope a little insight into our typical day and our weekly tv schedule provided you with some laughter. Happy Hump Day everybody!

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